Emily Knows… Night Time Skincare (collab with LifeofAngela)

Hey everybody,

Angela and I have decided to collab on a blog where I will be showing you my night time skincare routine and she will be showing you her morning skincare routine so make sure you go and check it out.

This may seem like a very long routine for every night but I decided to do my pamper night time routine because it would be more interesting and different.

The first thing I start with is a hair treatment because I think if I’m treating my skin then I should do the same for my hair. I either use coconut oil or argon oil treatments because they work the best for my hair.

I then go in with my facial cleanser. I use a sensitive face wash because my skin can get irritated very easily and with all of the other products that will be put on my face it was best to put on something light and not going to irritate my skin.

I next go in with a facial scrub and as I said my skin is easily irritated so I have to go in with a light scrub which is why I love the one above. Using a scrub is very important for getting any dirt or makeup out that the cleanser couldn’t get so your pores aren’t clogged.

I love using pore strips when I’m treating myself because it makes me feel more clean. These pore strips need to be left on for around 20 mins depending on the humidity they may need to be left on for longer.

Next I use a face mask but I haven’t used this one before and it actually lead my to have a pretty bad reaction but the serum was really good and helped soothe my skin as the face mask was suppose to do.

I love using toner sprays because they are really hydrating and refreshing. There isn’t much to say about them except I highly recommend trying a spray toner if you haven’t yet.

I love using an oil on pamper evenings because they make me feel fancy haha. I love rose hip oil because it is very gentle on my skin and the smell is amazing.

The final thing I do is put on a moisturiser because after putting all these products on I needed something to just revitalise my skin.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and make sure to comment and like this blog as well as heading over to Angela’s blog to check out her morning skin routine.


Emily xoxo

Email: alexanderemily73@gmail.com

Twitter: emilyknows101

Instagram: emalex0107


3 thoughts on “Emily Knows… Night Time Skincare (collab with LifeofAngela)

  1. Thanks for doing this collab with me! It was definitely fun to see what your routine is like. I’ve always been interested in trying out the skincare range from Lush. I always just wind up with lots of bath bombs from there lol


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