Online School… Was it a major mistake?!


This year has been such a crazy year for me because I have moved to online school umm… well that’s about all that has changed I wish more had changed but I couldn’t stick to my new year resolution for more than 2 days. In this blog I am going to be writing about online school and why I changed because it isn’t something you hear about every day and I thought some of you may be interested.

I moved to online school after being bullied relentlessly at my old school by two specific people. I am going to be a whole separate blog post about that situation but that is the main reason I left. Also, school gave me a lot of anxiety and I never have been able to figure out exactly why because I had felt like this for years and towards the end of it I was taking more days off than I actually was at school so my mum and I wanted to start doing some research on whether I should leave and if I was to what would I do.

I definitely contemplated dropping out of school altogether but after a while I decided against that as I would be going into grade 11 and only having two years left of school. Another reason for not dropping out is that I wanted the option of going to university just in case I wanted to go. I never thought moving to another ‘typical’ school was a good idea for me because I didn’t want the same stuff that happened at the first school to happen at the new school.

After much research we have an online school which sounded great, so I decided to enrol, and I am not normally someone to just take a risk and do something like that but I knew that I didn’t want to go through another two years at my old school. Moving to online school was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made because I have grown as a person and matured as well as actually listening in classes making my grades go up.

If you are thinking of online school, I would definitely encourage it because though it will be hard at first to have the motivation after a little while you will get into a groove of things just like being at a normal school.

I am going to finish talking about online school here for today, but I will be doing other blog posts in the future regarding it and if you have any suggestions for future blog posts whether it being about online school or not please let me know in the comments.

Love xoxo,

Emily Jazz


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