How to Stay Motivated to Blog


So… motivation is such a tough thing and it comes and it goes in waves for me which is the most annoying thing because I am so happy when I feel productive and motivated and then when I don’t I am sluggish and bored. For me motivation is still something I struggle with but there are some tips that I have found work for me when I am in desperate need of motivation.

  1. Remember why you started: This one is such an important one because I had my first blog and ended up deleting it (you can find out all about that on my first blog I posted here) but then soon had the urge and desire to keep writing because it made me happy and made me forget about what was going on in my life for a short period of time.
  2. Visualise the results: I love this tip because it helped me. I am someone who loves to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions with people so when people weren’t reading my blog I felt deflated but I realised that it takes time and i visualised myself with more people reading my blog and it got me motivated to keep writing.
  3. Get Organised: I think this will work for certain people by maybe not all. If you have a schedule and a plan it can really motivate you to be posting blogs when your schedule says.

There are three tips that help me when I am unmotivated and I hope it could help you. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I know it was a shorter blog but don’t worry I have longer ones coming soon

Love xoxo,

Emily Jazz


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Author: Emily Jazz

Hi! My name is Emily and I love to share all things involving makeup, clothes, shoes etc with people who also love them! I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but also love to hear what you all want me to write about.

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