Emily Knows… Blogging and School

Hey everybody,

I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and from social media asking how I balance school and blogging, so I thought I would write a blog about it so that if anyone out there who is also going through this would get some tips on how I do it. In the past I haven’t been very good at balancing but recently I have found a few tips and tricks that help me handle it.

  1. The first tip I have is to write down just the titles of the blogs you want to do and then save them as drafts. This helps me because it reminds me that I want to do that, and I can just start writing.
  2. Do the blog in segments. You don’t have to write a blog all at once especially very long ones. For example, you could write the introduction, then another day write the body, then another day the final paragraph and pictures. This has also helped me especially in assignment and exam periods of school.
  3. Have an upload schedule. My schedule is a bit all over the place because my main days are Sunday and Wednesday but every now again I will put out an extra blog if i have time to write it.
  4. The final tip is to remember that school comes first because it’s the most important thing so make sure you don’t put assignments back to a later time, so you can blog. For me blogging is my reward so what I do is I say to myself if i do an hour of assignments or exam study then I work on or read blogs for an hour.

I hope this helped in some way. Even though this is not a makeup blog I thought I would still do it since it would be helpful. Make sure to follow and like if you liked it.


Emily xoxo

P.S Thank you for all the positive feedback on my last blog it made me a lot more confident to post pictures of me and my makeup looks.

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