Where have I been?


I am so excited to be blogging once again. If you are new to this blog, then you probably don’t know why this is titles ‘where have i been’ but I used to have a blog called Emilyknowsmakeup and I deleted all the blogs off it and basically fell of the radar completely so sorry about that everyone who enjoyed reading my blogs.

I have been thinking about when I would be coming back and today is the day but before I get into what this blog will be about (because there is going to be a change from my last blog) I wanted to talk about why I left and how I am feeling now. I loved blogging so much it was an escape for me, and I could totally and utterly be me but going to the school I was going to meant that doing what I loved was something that people bullied me for…

I was bullied a lot and I never really told anyone because I was so embarrassed but after leaving that school because it was absolutely toxic, I am feeling much more confident and happier. If you are being bullied for blogging, doing YouTube or anything that you love doing just remember they are probably jealous that you have the guts to put yourself onto the internet and be who you truly are.

I believe that to beat the bullies you have to fight their mean with kindness now this may not make sense but hear me out. Bullies want the attention, they want the reaction from you so by being mean back to them they are going to keep on bulling you but if you are nice to them and just try and let it roll of your back, hopefully they will leave you alone. I tried this and it worked for me and many of my other friends going through a similar situation to me tried it and it worked which is why I wanted to share it with all of you.

If you are ever being bullied, please talk to someone because that is the biggest mistake that I made was keeping it all bottled up inside me. You may not feel comfortable with talking about with family or friends and if that’s so my Instagram Dm’s are always open to have a chat.

I am so happy to be back, and I will be back for good this time. I am changing up my blog a little bit this time around instead of only focusing on makeup I am also going to be introducing fashion, weight loss, issues I am facing and maybe you are facing also and much more. I am very excited for this next chapter and I hope you come along for the journey.

Love xoxo,

Emily Jazz


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